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Trail Ride 8-22-12

Nothing better than going out at dusk and hitting a technical trail. Lights or not that shits hairy. Been binge riding as of late. Out of all the binges to choose from, I picked a fairly safe one. Binge drinking not as fun as it used to be. Binge riding gets more fun and blacking out almost never happens. Smelling of cheap beer also not cool. I targeted a trail about 6 miles in length if you hit it just right. I just wanted to hit it. Didn’t want a girlfriend, just a quick roll in the hay. Photosynthesis is great, until your flying though brush and hoping nothing too solid is lurking in the grass. Very thorny. Skin ripped a little, but Strava don’t care. I ran into a neat couple exploring the network. The guy eyed my kit and freshly shaved legs and made me for a roadie. I turned away in embarrassment and began to walk slowly into the woods. Shaved legs can be a curse. Made new friends still. No friendship bracelets yet, but there is promise. Met plenty of non-beer loving roadies, but never a dry mountain biker. Regardless of ethnicity, beer unites. Also tastes great. Roadies are united by the component groups they choose. Apex, Red, Ultegra, 105, Athena. Shut the fuck up and drop me already; please! Beer over that. Finished navigating the trail in the dark, downhilling at race pace. If I wrecked, I would have been camping out. Honestly, not a bad night to have been rendered unconscious, but it didn’t play out that way tonight.