Aaron DeutschAaron Deutsch

Aaron has always felt a passion for, if not a gravitational pull from, racing. Since being lured from the basketball court onto the track in 1993 he set 7 track & field records and medaled six times at the state level of competition.

He moved to the mountain bike in the late 1990s and won the Penn Cycle Buck Hill race series in 2000 in the sport class. He also placed 4th in the Subaru Cup XC race that year.

After moving to New York Aaron took up road racing and rode unattached for the first year and medaled in 2 races including a 1st place finish in the Kissena Race Series in 2007. In 2008 the Brooklyn Arches Cycling Club was formed and the results were immediate and consistent including winning the Cadence Cup Race Series in Brooklyn. He currently races with the Major Taylor Iron Riders Development Team

David AmzallagDavid Amzallag

Born and raised in Brooklyn, David drew inspiration from watching professional races on TV as a kid. When he was 16 he started training in Prospect Park using a vintage Schwinn.

A few years and bike upgrades later and David has numerous top ten finishes in his field including a second place at the infamous Floyd Bennett Field race series.

George WhyteGeorge Whyte

Originally from the Islands of the Sea, George competed in a plethora of both team and individual sports at High School level. These included soccer, cricket, basketball, high jump, long jump and track and field.

Competitive cycling was not a part of this pedigree, but cycling was not new to George. To avoid some of the numerous “onrushes” produced in New York City, in 2000 George began a daily 26-mile commute to work. Five years later while taking a leisurely early morning ride in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, George stumbled upon what he called “A SEA OF RIDERS” at the starting line of a 17-mile bike race.

After standing on the sideline, George’s competitive “self” was awaken. He felt he had the ability & fitness for competitive cycling. In 2006, he got his first road bike and has placed in the top three in cat 5 races. Having been a part of Brooklyn Arches’ cat 5 championship in 2008, George is excited and ready for future races in higher categories.

Greg StephensonGreg Stephenson

With many years of cycling experience under his belt, Greg provides strategy and tips for the 'Arches racing team.

Joe SteeleJoe Steele

Raised in Brooklyn, USA, Joe Steele (aka the Lizard) has been riding in Prospect Park since the days of banana seats and pedal brakes. That was before the introduction of basketball, college, Hip-Hop and engineering when the thoughts of cycling got temporarily displaced.

Following a seemingly innocent conversation with a co-worker about how I hadn't had a bicycle in 15 years, I grabbed a hybrid and started training for my first century. As with so many things in my life, if I like it, I'm going to do it to the utmost and riding was no exception. That first century lead to the purchase of my first real warhorse (Ye Olde Cannondale) which was soon joined by the other stable mates (catch me on the road...). And I used to laugh at guys who had more than one bike...

Schooled in the "Ways of the Road" by the mighty Major Taylor Iron Rider veterans, I followed the natural progression of things and started racing in 2007. Linking up and pooling energies with some of the cooler fellas I used to race against was a straight blessing and I'm looking forward to Archifying the fields in these upcoming seasons.

Kenneth McPhersonKenneth McPherson

Writer. Bike Rider. Wearer of Lycra.

Maximo JimenezMaximo Jimenez

Originally from Ecuador, Max has always found himself competing in anything he showed an interest in. In his teen years Max competed in bodybuilding as a member of the National Physique committee. At the age of 16 he won his first show in the 15-17 class. He moved on and beat the winner of the 18-19 class taking the overall title. Max finished in the top 2 in over half the shows he competed in before turning his attention to running and cycling.

He took the bike up in his early thirties, starting with a 29 lb Mountain bike, but it didn't take long riding in Prospect Park to realize that he needed a road bike. A few years into racing he was invited to join the prestigious Brooklyn Arches. Racing as part of a group quickly showed the benefits of having not only Teammates but friends around you. The cohesiveness of the group not only produced a first place finish in the Cadence Cup race series, but it also landed Max a trophy for a 5th place finish overall.

Naoufal AlaouiNaoufal Alaoui

Born and raised in Morocco, went to college in Spain, then moved to the States where he's actually living since 2001.

Naoufal has always had feelings for competitive cycling as he has been an athlete since he was 11 years old. He started his athletic carrier as a porfessional middle distance runner when he was discovered by his gym teacher in highschool who recommended him to the city runner club. He trained with the Khannouchi family who are his neighbors back in Morocco including ,of course, Khalid who is the former world record holder for the marathon. At the age of 17, Naoufal passed the national team trials with an impressive 8:55 in the 3K. A year later, he was qualified to the north african highscool 5K championship by finishing first in the trials. And not to mention a large number of regional wins in both the 3K and the 5K.

Naoufal also comes from a BMX background as he was one of the best bike handlers in his town at a very young age. After almost 5 years of being away from training due to knee issues, Naoufal had decided to start cycling as an alternative. In 2005 he bought his first Road bike, and started to build the love for this sport since then. So, after trying a couple of races here and there, Naoufal had decided to join this "super friendly" Team to add the touch of seriousness to the game, and he is so looking forward to impressive results in the near future...

Randhy RodriguezRandhy Rodriguez

Randhy was born on May 3, 1983 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Although he tried other sports in the past and began his athletic career as a street skateboarder he did not obtain immediate success as much as a cyclist. Randhy's passion for cycling began as an impression he obtained as a young child. The short version of the story goes like this;

The four and a half year of age Randhy was sitting in the middle of the back seat of his uncle's car. They were driving to the country side of the island. During their traveling they stopped at an intersection of the road. As soon as the car stopped, Randhy was astonished by a colorful peloton of cyclist crossing by. That particular event left an impression, which was forgotten until 2008 when he was 25 years old and reflected back to his childhood memories.

Randhy rode for two years under the direction of Norman Jarrett (Mentor) and did not put much emphasis on racing as directed until 2011. As a result, Randhy was well prepared with tactics and strength he obtained from training. But, more importantly, much of his success comes from his desire and love for the sport.
Remus TomiciRemus Tomici

Remus brings the diesel torque to the flats. Even using his wheel you will be put into the hurt cave.

Shelly BlakeShelly Blake

Shelly fist discovered his love for cycling astride a red “English Racer” with a 3 speed Sturmey Archer finger shifter. Currently Shelly is Riding a Raleigh Melitis courtesy of Raleigh & Verrazano Bicycle Store. The world of compettive cycling first drew Shelly in at the tender age of 49 where he paid his dues in the Cat. 5 and then moved up to Cat 4 the following year. Shelly raced with the Hudson Furniture Team for 1 season prior to joining the Brooklyn Arches in 2012. Shelly enjoys the hard and fast training rides in Prospect Park and the long hard and Fast training rides upstate NY. The camradarie and spirited competitive nature of his fellow riders drives Shelly to be a better rider. A recent trip to France had Shelly climbing & desending some of the same Cols ridden in the Tour De France such as; Col du Galibier,Col de la Croix du Fer and Col De La Madeleine among others.

Shelly is an avid cyclist who enjoys spreading the gospel of cycling is good for the soul. Bike more stress less, live happier & longer.