Life In A Bike Shop

Boy Meets Girl Bike

It’s rare when I see it happen, but I always feel as though that kids going to be alright. A boy that finds a bike that captures his eye. Apart from what other people might think, he finds a bike that speaks to him. I guess we’re sorta like a no-kill shelter but for bikes. All of our babies are house-broken with up to date immunization records. We are not a bike mill. For some choosing a bike is a matter of utility, others a union that may last a lifetime and still others that purchase according to the planetary alignments. 

I also like the progressive parents that allow their children to go with their guts. If you have parents that have your back, you almost have everything you need short of a few bucks for pot. 

Side Note: If your little girl loves pink, so be it. Get her a pink bike. There aren’t too many grown women walking around in princess gowns. Let them be the princess they are. Just make sure they still know who the king and queen/ king and king/queen and queen are. 

I Remember When…

People come in the store all the time and share stories about their workhorses. Bikes older than me and apparently in better shape. “I remember when…..” is a common line. People tend to think that cycling is in some sort of weird vortex where technology shant enter. The Atari 2600 was rad and innovative 30 years ago, but shit happens. Technologies change. I love to show these individuals our personal data base called, “the internet”. 

Saturday Turnarounds And Other Childhood Fables

Generally there is no busier a day in the bike shop than Saturday. Think you’re getting that bottom bracket overhaul, brake bleed and wheel true today? Not without beer. Really good beer. If I can twist the top off, you’re not getting your shit til Tuesday. 

We try to accommodate our customers. No body in the bike shop business could refute this. I mean, we aren’t selling infant formula, pacemakers or Schaefers. If you don’t have a bike, you’ll live. Same goes for formula, but if you screw with a man’s beer the consequences could be fatal. Same can be said for pacemakers. Saturday’s are generally reserved for quick turns and sales. Time draining operations are reserved for quieter times. 

Smart customers bring offerings. Food is cool as is beer. Dead food that is. No livestock please. We never get virgins either. This makes a few of us sad. We are a first world shop of course. We don’t do trade-ins and don’t barter in virgins. We survived pretty well steering clear of that sort of business. Virginity was cool, but carbon is better.