The Tour de Politics

I respect the other championship matches in other sports, though those games generally tend to lack the overall excitement of The Tour De France.


The Superbowl is a giant result of marketing execs. When the game tends to take a backseat to the actual competition, I tend to lose interest. There are millions that devour the platinum experience, I like the basic package. A couple of guys in tight pants duking it out for supremacy and not getting on, the least. Uh huh…

The Other Football

I don’t think anything quite compares to the frenzy around the World Cup. Nothing bad ever came out of nationalism…Nope. Not that I can recall. These Iron Cross cufflinks just complete the suit and nothing else.


Baseball post-cocaine, post-steroid, post-hgh, post-steroid, post-bull testicles use, is still a pleasure to enjoy even though half the players will be outed for PED’s before next spring training commences.


My second love right after my moms breasts. 7 games and it’s anybodies guess. The last 5 minutes of the games tend to be the most engaging. Which superstar in this team sport will the game be decided on?

Triple Crown

Honestly the horses don’t give a shit, so why should I?

The Tour De France

Here’s where all the players come to play. The best riders on the planet going head to head for weeks on end. No true tournaments to speak of. If your team has the legs, the cash, the euro’s or whatever in the fuck the Greeks are using, you can play. You do need to be invited.

This year’s offering so far is causing me a little concern. Some of the best riders in the sport won’t be competing. Columbia’s Nairo Quitana who placed second in last years tour won’t be participating, Australia’s Cadel Evans who is a champion of the tour won’t be riding as well as Britain’s Bradley Wiggins. Granted the tour has talent upon talent to fill those voids, but the greatest riders make one of the planets greatest sports even greater. Personally I just want to see Laurens Ten Dam, slobber uncontrollably as he’s solidifying his top 20 finish, but will miss the outputs of the aforementioned. Quintana was a sure lock to contend for the title again but Movistar went with Valverde who is a sure lock to not contend for the podium. Strange brew. The politics of the sport tend to outshine the actual sport. I guess that’s life when someone else is footing the bill. Cadels experience will be wasted as will Bradley Wiggins. Big name riders deserve to ride in big name events. It’s what the sport deserves, it’s what the fans deserve.

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