C-Rider Dopes In Hopes Of Becoming B-Rider

C-Rider Dopes In Hopes Of Becoming B-Rider

The world of competitive recreational cycling is fierce. On every Sunday in every state in the country you can see the rivalries play out. Traffic light drag races, 3% grade climbs that go on for thousands of feet and the empty stretches of road where reputations are won, lost and reflected upon at the 7-11.

Cheating in the professional ranks has been well documented. The reasoning for all was to play ball or find another job like Chinese food delivery guy. Lance Armstrong was not going to be the guy to deliver your beef and broccoli, though as a career move, maybe he should have. Doping was an accepted way of life amongst the sports greatest athletes.

With technology, fashion and beer great, results trickle down. Every chic item that goes down the runways of New York, Paris and Paterson, NJ eventually find their ways into the Wal-Marts of the world, available to the average consumer. With beer in the US for decades, if you asked what was on tap, the tender would say, “Beer”. With the advent of smaller breweries came choice. My grandpa would die if he wasn’t already dead, if saw everything that has been done to beer today.

Why should the advancements in cyling be any different? The same bikes that you see the pros ride are totally available to you, if you have 12 grand to lay down. If so, come in the Montclair Bikery (http://www.montclairbikery.com/) and tell them Kenny sent ya. The drugs that the pros use aren’t exclusive to them either. More and more the drugs have been finding their way into the bodies of the cyclists that won’t see the tops of Ventoux, but the atop the likes of climbs like Francisco Ave in Little Ferry, NJ.

Louis Dempsey (Clifton,NJ) was a fledgling cyclist that had been attracted to the sport because of it’s power, beauty and rampant use and acceptance of performance enhancing drugs. Like most cyclists Dempsey hadn’t ridden a bike since childhood.

“20 years ago, I used to wrestle in high school. I hadn’t done much since, but I figured that, that was a pretty good fitness base to build off of.”

He wasn’t sure if the sport was for him, so he decided to enter the sport with a Pinarello Dogma with a full Sora grupo. After joining a local ride it was apparent that no matter how many times he listened to Survivors spirited, “Eye of The Tiger” that it was impossible to keep up. No amount of oatmeal, Hammer Gel or organic brown rice balls dipped in almond butter could help. A B-Rider pulled him aside one ride after noticing his desire to pull himself inside out to keep in contact with the peloton when the speeds reached the mid teens. “I was beside myself. I wanted to reach the next level. I had been riding for 2 weeks with nothing to show for it”. Dempsey claimed the other cyclist then offered him HGH (Human Growth Hormones) and claimed that if he wanted to be a true B-Level Rider that he was going to have to make the sacrifice. “After the load period, I began to notice results. 17-18 mph on -1% grades. I was addicted to the power. Not only was I keeping up, but I was pulling the group down the road. There’s a lot of prestige in pulling into the parking lot of the Quickcheck first”.

The governing body for competitive recreational cyclist, STRAVA saw that Dempsey was ascending the ranks at an unnatural pace and intervened. Dempsey blood was tested and he was found to be on PED’s. Not only was be banned from uploading his stats for 3 weeks, but he was also stripped of his KOM on Broad St, Clifton,NJ and Upper Mountain Road in Montclair,NJ.

“Was is it worth it? I’ve lost everything. For 3 weeks, I was on top of the world. Untouchable. I thought about what next season may hold. Maybe the Tri Boro ride in NY. I made a mistake. I want to prove to the world, that I can ride clean. I want to inspire other C-Riders with aspirations of glory to do it the right way. Maybe I can reach someone.”

-Kenny Mac