The Trainer and The TV

I was on my bike trainer this afternoon. My mark for January is 20 miles a day. Fairly high cadence, but nothing that will alert USADA. I spin clean, but that’s not the story here. I put on a movie. I won’t take myself seriously if I train to video’s of racing footage especially if it’s some mountain stage where in real life I’d be sucking major wind, but according to the video I’m in contention to best Froome at the line. To each his own of course.

I turned on a horror/ suspense movie called “The Apparition”. I love a good scare. I’ll date a bad one. Jumping out of your skin didn’t translate well for me when locked into a pair of Speedplays. During a standing sprint interval I almost toppled over when a little girl jumped out surprising the shit out of me. And still that experience was more realistic than some spinning classes I’ve taken.

The movie sucked as do most horror movies. As I was holding a decent 18mph, I began to wonder why poltergeists had to always destroy property. Scaring the shit out of people shouldn’t come at the expense of property. I bet that ghost was a real dick in life to. As the movie wrapped itself up, I began to think that even the crappiest show could never be a waste so long as I was turning the cranks. Reality shows excluded.

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