Paying someone to teach you how to ride a bike, is almost like paying someone to teach you how to wipe your own ass. Granted if there’s a site teaching that and their hiring, sign me up. Office work only, nothing in the field.

Teaching people how to ride is a great service in that they are trying to make more able bodied riders. Teaching people how to wipe their asses, just as important but really a moment that should be between a man and his ass.

Pedal Magic? There’s really no magic involved. Last time I mounted, I didn’t pull a rabbit out of my helmet. I have pulled some complicated rides out of my ass, but there was no magic involved, just bourbon.

Riding a bike is all physics baby! An object in motion tends to stay in motion unless said object gets doored resulting in immediate stoppage of object. Getting “doored” is when a cyclist is riding with the flow of traffic and a mindless parked driver throws his door open causing cyclist to lose latte. No loss of latte, no foul.

I guess Pedal Magic is a sound service, but if it took my parents paying someone to teach me to ride, I still wouldn’t know how. My dad took me to the top of a hill on our block and sent me down it. Not advised mind you, but that lesson was free, showed my dad’s questionable parenting skills and never forgotten.

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