Team Wire

I informed my son’s that there was a mountain bike race happening in the area that I thought they may be interested in. Understatement. For the last two weeks, I’ve been running a training camp for a brutal 2.4 mile rocky romp.

We’ve pre-ridden the course more than I ever do, when I race. I think my results reflect this. The last time we were on the course, my youngest child still with the Tour de France on the brain, asked me where the best areas to attack would be. I did my best Bjarne Riis and told him to drop the hammer on the climb and not to pick it up until he was back on the single track. Short of injecting them with PEDs, I felt as if my advice was pro. My eldest son picks lines almost as good as me. I don’t fear that he will “French” a tree anymore.

Today we took out the newest member of Team WIRE. They wanted more trail action, but today was a all about conditioning. This whole training bag is hard work. I see why so many directors turn a blind eye to drugs in the sport. That said, my team will be hopped up on Captain Crunch for Saturday’s race. CC is almost undetectable in the bloodstream.
The boys put in 13 miles of road riding today. I cracked the whip and liked it. The legs are willing even when the lungs aren’t; find the balance. That was today’s lesson. Before the federation caught wind of my regime, I got them a couple slices of pizza. They loved me right until we hit another hill.

I love that my kids share my passion. It may not always be this way, but until my quarter runs out, I’m going to enjoy the experience.


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