Life in a Bike Shop

Anybody who works in a bike store is passionate about the machines. Regardless of discipline be the rider; roadie, mountie or even junkie, we all love what happens next after that initial pedal stroke.

Bike shops like big cities are transient hubs for people to exist in. We usually have access to all the most fab gear a rider could ask for, we all look as though we can play opus’ like Slayers “Reign in Blood” on banjos and we talk almost annoyingly about components whilst sipping our microbrews (pinkies out of course).

People come and go through the ranks of the shop. Working at a bike shop is a great place for a kid on summer break. Beats busting tables in a slop house or mopping up booths in peep show venues. Both of those jobs are just as important as a bike tech, but not nearly as sexy; in a clean and respectable fashion anyway.

We at The Bikery in Montclair, NJ (home of Specialized, Trek, Felt and Pinnarello) are losing a cast of students that are on to bigger and better things. What could be bigger and better? Making enough money to actually afford the stuff we peddle, throw in a SRAM RED package to boot and still have enough money to buy decent beer. That my friends is the American Dream I seek.

Peace outs to Jon, Max, Elina. You kids rock! Kick ass in school and don’t blow your parents money on needless stuff. Renting Van Halen is not needless by the way, so long as their fronted by Diamond Dave. Your parents may argue this, but deep down inside, they know it’s true.

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