This Commute Sucks

coworker: “Kenny, you rode today?”
kenny: “It’s raining isn’t it?”

-Brought to you by Campmoor

Laying in bed or being suspended from your ceiling making love, having sex, or just plain plain ol’ knocking boots is great with rain as a soundtrack. If your spouse/partner or beneficial friend is uncooperative and you are woken up to what sounds like a monsoon, it bodes for a crappy commute.
I tried to wait it out, but this storm front planned on hanging around for a bit. Maybe take in a show in New York or find a nice parade to attend.

Don’t skimp on rain gear. When you’re exposed to the elements skimping on gear is dumb. That said, I gotta a killer deal on a rain jacket! Campmoor had it on sale a few years back and instead of spending .25 cents more for the waterproof stowable jacket, I went for the one that resisted water. The thing about resistances is that they rarely work and when they do, all that were directly involved get a nice tote bag filled with their genitals.

I vented my jacket and forgot that I had. Mistake. I can usually ride out of storms. Most aren’t formidable. Go a little northwest and ride closer to the clearing. No clearing today. Onward. My Performance rain pants that are older than my 7 year old were not up to the task. Now I’m wet with slimy clothing on. My jacket did surprisingly well save for the fact that I forgot to close the vents. Now I’m just plain upset. My legs have heard me grip before, they wear ear plugs now. I’m also riding without a fender. For all I know the kids are using it as part of a make-believe set. Rain is real. It took 6 miles before the water finally entered me in the way that I prefer not to addressed. I had to pull off to use the tree. Not too much discretion used when misery is of the order.

Now I’m just waiting for an errant shard of glass to top of this sundae. Thankfully, I use Gatorskin’s and Armadillo’s to help thwart that. I get into work looking like a mess. This commute truly sucked, but not everyday can be 75 and sunny. You ride what you are given, and you like it!

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