Life In a Bike Shop

I love my store and the customers who shop with us. Even the most unruly parent gets respect. Its the only way to fly in this life. Today was like every other day. Folks that haven’t ridden since Nixon still had decent approval ratings figure that today is the day that they put bad habits behind. I like bad habits so long as you double up on the good ones.

The Haggler

“So I see the price on the bike, but I know we can do better than that” People tend to know a lot. Some people see the price as a starting point. Those people make life in the shop interesting. The bike shop turns into a bizarre. The only things missing are oriental rugs, dried meats and body rubs made from camel semen.

Other times I feel like a car salesman. “Tell you what. I’m going to throw in the car mats and for good measure give you the protective under coating. Let me talk to my manager to get an approval. You drive a hard bargain!”

If someone has their wallet open you want the opportunity to return it a little lighter. If someone comes in with their wallets closed you want them to leave feeling as though they have made the biggest mistake since Portland chose Sam Bowie at number one versus having chosen Michael Jordan. Nothing wrong with guilt. Kids tend to make their parents feel like shit. I dont play on that. Those ungrateful little bastards. Be lucky your fed.

Science willing, I’ll have another chance to do the dance all over again. Same tune, same dance, new partner.

“Hi my name is Kenny and what can I do you for.”

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