Like School on Saturday; No Class

On the commute: Brought to you by Converse and Dickies. “I looked like shit long before it was chic”-km

With my groin having seen better days, I took off my spd’s and donned a pair of flats. Riding flat pedals is just plain fun. Being clipped in is far more advantageous, but riding doesn’t always have to be about breaking land/speed records. I’ve had my own awakenings to this fact. I was a messenger for years and lost the simple pleasure of turning the wheels. It took me about a year after working packages for money to enjoy saddling up with no one else’s objective other than mine.

The weather was warm enough for me to shed my freeze-gear and go with a number much less cumbersome and a little cheeky to. With my Converse and Dickies and leg warmers, I actually looked like a person that my children would actually claim in public. When I’m Lycra-ed out head to toe, this is not the case

Mud that I acquired from trail riding with my boys flicks up off my front tire and splatters onto my vest. I took my sons offroad the other day. They on their mountain bikes and me on my cyclocross/commuter. Super fun. We all wrecked, popped up and kept pushing. My “popped” isn’t what it used too be, but as long as I still have pop, I can live with that. If I forget everything else when I get older, let me remember those moments.

I pulled into a bagel spot on Broad and Van Houten in Clifton. I turned off all my flashy “don’t hit me” stuff and walked in the door. Nothing worse than having your ass flashing amongst a group of surly fellows.

I saw a woman at the counter. Not “drop-dead” gorgeous, but definitely comatose worthy. The shop was filled with guys. Young guys. She knew she was on display. She collects her order and walks out. I heard 2 guys at the door discussing the various sexual positions they would use on her. The well traveled man understands that 3 moves tops gets the job done for both parties. If you start to do too much, you risk the chance of cramping or just looking like your getting your stuff out of a manual. It gets even trickier when you start to add members to your love den, but for a standard encounter; 3 moves. Why these “gentleman” will forever talk about what they would do as opposed too actually doing it, lie in the fact that no one opened the door for her as she walked out. That’s 101. Watching porn is fine, but throw in a romance every now and then.

From the wet roads, I continued into work splattered in mud and whatever else my tires decided to share with me.

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