The Circle of Life and Lycra

If you ride a two wheeled vehicle, you are bound to get caught in the rain at some point in your tenure as a cyclist. If you’ve made the commitment to commute by bike you will walk out of your house into that same rain which will be freezing without so much as a shrug.

Before I can pedal a stroke, I see that the car has a flat. My wife is about to leave for work. My first thought was to show her how to use my floor pump and to be on my way. Sleeping on the floor is fine when it’s by choice but not by sentence. I begin the arduous process of inflating the tire. 20 minutes and 5000 calories burned later, I’ve gotten the tire to it’s minimum inflation level. Now it’s time to ride. She’s found other means of transport. So what, it’s Friday.

I’m instantly forced to go Michele Scarponi. Scarponi is a Tour d’Italia favorite. No matter the conditions in a race he always rides with his shades on top his helmet. I had to do the same as my visibility was pretty crappy. The unfortunate part of this audible was that without my Smith Optics shielding my face, the freezing rain had full license to tatter my face.

I tried in a new creamer flavor today. French Vanilla. It’s Friday.

My bladder is about ready to go. This function is like clockwork. I pull into to my pissing grounds and startle what at first glance I thought was a dragon that quacked like a duck. If it quacks like a duck it’s a hawk. I don’t have any hawk friends, so I don’t truly know what they sound like, but I never thought they quacked. I look over into the pond to see a group of ducks just hanging out. Apparently the hawk was dining in and I screwed up the whole “circle of life” thing. I hung out for a bit settling my affairs when I saw one of the ducks make a break for it. The other ducks watched him fly off not too sure of the hawks next move. I was curious too. Watching a duck fly under the best of circumstances isn’t really a thing of beauty, but under duress is just plain pitiful. He flew away as if his life depended on it as it did. The hawk didn’t make a move. Cool as a cucumber. I left nature to its devices and continued on.

Roadside, I see a car with it’s hazards on. Whatever. I have to swerve into traffic to get around. Old chestnut at this point. I see an ancient couple, walking hand in hand, cane in cane to a salon. I’m sure they’ve been at this routine since emancipation. I left not as annoyed that they had parked in my lane.

The rain had gotten through my gloves and the wind followed. Such is life. I fell into an excellent cadence. 70-80 revs per minute. With my I-pod dead, I’ve had to entertain myself using different methods. Counting revolutions is just one.

Got to the base of my ascent to the office and ground up it. Like dessert, there’s always more room for pain.

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