Unleash The Husky!

I pulled off the road into my second most favorite place to pee during my commute. Nothing fancy, but its a pleasant wooded area that time forgot. Judging from the cheap beer cans about, I wasn’t the only person familiar with this bit of paradise lost.

The tree cover that usually affords me ample privacy is gone, so I had to go a little deeper in to the brush. As I was looking onto the parkway, emptying my bladder and thinking about the UN accepting Palestine as its bastard stepchild, I looked out onto a patch of ivy. A truly remarkable plant. All the plants around it were dead I looked off and about 30 yards ahead I saws a group of deer just checking me out. I angled myself away from them as they had youngsters.

Onward. No time to relax, so I popped out of the woods, startled a few motorists and continued on my merry way.

Neighborhoods look so fucked up nowadays. The homes have no symmetry. A brand new house, next to a house built 90 years ago, next to a house built in the 70’s. I saw a home on Broad St that looked like the original White House. I didn’t know Clifton had plantations? Plantation attitudes maybe, but no actual plantations. Learn something new everyday.

I rode by an unleashed husky. I saw it before it saw me. My plan was to sneak past, so as not to startle it and start a Mutual of Omaha Wild America chase. Not really feeling too bighorn sheep-like today. He would’ve had me easily. We eyed one another, I planned to floor it. He had the angle, so it was his choice as to maul me, drag me back to his den and nourish his pups or to let me pass and continue into work. Not really that bad an option when I thought about it. He never moved an inch. Guess I over thought that one.

I rode a little further, crested my hill, adjusted my chamois and walked into the office.

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