Tape Delayed

On The Commute:

My wife asked me last night how my commute was. I told her that it was dark, cold and lonely. No Major Taylor riders to jaw with, no other commuters, not even the migrant riders I see giving their Huffy’s more than they were built to handle. My rose tinted glasses were of no use. Made the road too dark. I propped them on top my helmet and continued on. My glasses are almost as important as the flask I need to start breaking out again, when Old Man Winter really starts to find his groove.

My route can sometimes seem very empty. A few scant street lights in the residential neighborhoods and cars with trees affixed to their roofs intermittently passing by.

In the cold I average about 13-15mph. Just fast enough not to stall and just slow enough not too sweat. In the winter I add an extra 30 minutes to the commute. Makes the dark, darker and the lonely, lonelier. I had to remind myself that the weather hadn’t even gotten into single digits yet. Wasn’t really much help in cheering myself up.

Riding during less than favorable conditions makes the more favorable ones even sweeter.

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