Speed, Luck and Fortune

Had been so busy whipping out his 29er in public that he had neglected his 700c. Lycra and 29 inches presents a massive imprint. In baseball, rumor has it that chicks dig the long ball. In cycling no such research has been done on the 29ers affect on the general public though if bigger is better; I should be getting stares and cat calls from the ladies every time I pulled it out it’s cubby, but I am in Jersey and not Portland. Nobody cares or I haven’t met her yet.

I wasn’t as concerned with getting into work this morning as I was getting a KOM on a segment on my commute that involves speed, luck and if you’re fortunate a truck passing within inches of you. Getting buzzed by traffic is pretty common. I really don’t think twice about it anymore. I guess decades of that shit kinda desensitizes you to it. The advantage with getting buzzed by a truck or bus is the vacuum it causes. It can be unnerving but actually saves watts. Strava likes that. I thought about sniping another segment that was about 2 miles miles off course. Go straight to work or veer off course for a shot at the crown? I chose the latter. Strava was not pleased and now that I sit in front of my computer neither am I.

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