Portland is Nice in NJ This Time of Year

Apparently I took a shortcut through Portland this evening. I started out in Paterson, NJ and wound up pedaling through Oregon.

I was on my alternate route home that involves a climb I don’t always appreciate after a days work. I had heard stories about a course that some cyclocross riders had carved out of a park behind a school in Clifton. I looked over and about 200 yards off the road I saw kids at soccer practice and more surprisingly, 20 guys on the course doing race training. As soon as I rode close enough, the guys and gals welcomed me to their playground and told me to get on course and get some. I couldn’t turn down the offer and like a school child, I tossed my backpack off to the side and started riding the course with little regards for my packs contents.

I just don’t expect this kind of homegrown activity in Jersey. After practicing dismounting, jumping obstacles and portaging my bike for a few laps it was time to get back on track. I said my goodbyes and set my destination for a mini-jump park. I almost ate a tree and then hit the road again for home. Portland’s nice this time of year.

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