No Strava for You

I sat on the tarmac on this beautiful Sunday. Engines were humming and raring to go, but “just because you can haul ass, doesn’t mean you can haul ass.” (See “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Ages 1 Week-18 years”. The Madone slept in; again. I stepped outside to feel ideal conditions. First thought was, “Fuck!”. That was actually the second and third thoughts as well. My kids had ideal weather to do their activities. My daughter and her crew of merry nerds did excellent in their band competition and my son’s team stunk it up, but he went 3 for 3 with two monster rips into left field. Would have been nice if the team supported his efforts, but they”re kids. Shit happens and they’ll bounce back. I see adults moping about 5 days a week, for 40+. I don’t need to see that shit in a child on a Sunday at the park on a beautiful day, that by the way, I’m not riding on. There’s plenty of time for future disappointment. I always make sure to let the youth know that. After seeing my children do well on this beautiful day it took some of the sting out of not riding. If they had sucked, I would have let them know that I loved them with all my heart and to never pull shit like that on a beautiful day like this again.

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