Who Needs Water and Fuel

Went out mountain biking yesterday after work. No better way to end a day of work short of raising your B.A.C. to 0.5. I was running late for a beginner/intermediate group trekking out. Racing to get to the trailhead I ran out of time to get fluids or fuel. That shits just extra weight anyway. I figured I would tag with the beginners so not to pass out. Missed the rendezvous.

Set out to ride on my own. A guy in the lot was new to the park and I volunteered to guide him. I was hesitant, because I wanted to go slow. He shot out the gate. Since I was guiding, and prideful I had to keep pace. Not happy. I knew I could out-climb him on the technical stuff. Wrong, so I kept pushing pace, sweating pretty badly, but controlling my breathing pretty well. I had an electrolyte tab on me. Supposed to be diluted with something other than saliva. I began foaming at the mouth looking rather rabid. Not sexy. It did the trick though.

I started pulling away finally and ran into the group I missed. I passed them and set a course record for myself and then noticed that I had never reset my Garmin to officially record it. Almost ran the course again to legally document it, but ran out of light. Re-toxed at home with an Anchor Steam.

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