NYC Bicycle Racing Spring Series: Central Park

Category 3,4: 4 laps

Presented by:
Metropolitan Cycling Association | Team Squiggle

Central Park
New York, NY
Course Map:

Central Park Auto Road

Central Park Auto Road

Confirmed riders (not including day-of registrations):

‘Arches Riders:
– Aaron Deutsch

Race Summary: Woke up to an inexplicable flat tire this am and discovered that the guy that owned the bike before me didn’t put rim tape in. (granted there are no spoke holes, only a hole for the inner tube stem, which  is exactly where the tube started leaking). Since it was so close to  race time I had to grab my travel spare and some gaffer tape, install  it and run.

The start/finish line is on the east side of the park at the top of a short hill after the boathouse. There was a big field with mostly familiar faces and old rivalries.

The first lap (of 4) was, as with last week, begun in complete  darkness, but wasn’t as bad as the description may suggest–there was  plenty of light to see with the street lamps. What *was* a challenge  is the squirlyness of the peleton. Right off the gun the group was  running 27mph with a lot of swerving.

By the second lap things had smoothed out and we had our first  breakaway of 6 guys which held for a lap.

Lap three brought Team United surges and flying crap. We had to dodge  a garbage truck, a water bottle, an 8″ flying tree branch, and a baseball-sized rock. And those were the things that I saw.

Bell lap finally brought the group down to 22mph where the guys at the front tried to figure out what to do. For the amount of teams there nobody seemed to have a plan and there was no lead-out for the finish. Instead, most of the group wove it’s way around the last few curves completely intact before individuals started making a break for it.

Though my legs were a little burnt from 50 miles in CP yesterday (long story), I managed to pluck off all but 11. Might have been able to  place higher if I had picked a different wheel to follow. As it turns out I beat my target by one place in this race and finished feeling strong so: goals met.

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Aaron Deutsch

About Aaron Deutsch

Aaron has always felt a passion for, if not a gravitational pull from, racing. Since being lured from the basketball court onto the track in 1993 he set 7 track & field records and medaled six times at the state level of competition.

He moved to the mountain bike in the late 1990s and won the Penn Cycle Buck Hill race series in 2000 in the sport class. He also placed 4th in the Subaru Cup XC race that year.

After moving to New York Aaron took up road racing and rode unattached for the first year and medaled in 2 races including a 1st place finish in the Kissena Race Series in 2007. In 2008 the Brooklyn Arches Cycling Club was formed and the results were immediate and consistent including winning the Cadence Cup Race Series in Brooklyn. He currently races with the Major Taylor Iron Riders Development Team

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