Cadence Cup Race 3

Category 4: 27 miles

Presented by
Kissena Cycling Club

Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY
Course Map at

Confirmed (pre-registered) riders:

‘Arches in attendance:
– Aaron
– Naoufal
– George
– Lorenzo

Cat 4 race report

Not to be outdone by last week’s Tour of New York, this week’s Cat 4 race featured not one, but two crashes. The first happened early on as the back of the pack rode over a gouged section of pavement over the top of the hill. It was a low-speed crash and a few of the riders involved did end up reconnecting with the pack.

The overall dynamic of the race was much different than last week’s due to the mini competitions being held. Kissena had quite a few riders out and their purpose became pretty clear on the first sprint competition called: they were there to lead out their teammates. While these efforts may not have been completely successful they did manage to keep the pace hot over the first half of the race.

With two laps to go the hill climb was called and the pack accelerated to and over the hill. Right around the next bend Chelsea Bikes attacked (good timing) and two small groups eventually separated. Over the next lap a few half-hearted efforts were waged to reel them back in, but little ground, if any, was made back up.

Without any specific plan to do so, Naoufal and myself decided to bridge the gap on the next hill. Just as I was reaching the front of the peleton I looked up and Naoufal was already free of it. We put the hammer down over the top and broke off clean and connected with the breakaway shortly thereafter.

There was some effort to keep that group moving, but it was highly disorganized. The speed and potential to stay clear was definitely there and I moved to the front to take my pull across the bottom of the park. As it turns out, my pull was the last and the group slowed, the pack caught us and took a half dozen guys down, including Naoufal.

Cat 5 race report

Race was uneventful with no real breakaway attempts or coordinated team efforts. The surge began over the hill on the final lap with the ‘Arches in good position to respond. The speed at the end was high and the ‘Arches finished just outside of the top ten.

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Aaron Deutsch

About Aaron Deutsch

Aaron has always felt a passion for, if not a gravitational pull from, racing. Since being lured from the basketball court onto the track in 1993 he set 7 track & field records and medaled six times at the state level of competition.

He moved to the mountain bike in the late 1990s and won the Penn Cycle Buck Hill race series in 2000 in the sport class. He also placed 4th in the Subaru Cup XC race that year.

After moving to New York Aaron took up road racing and rode unattached for the first year and medaled in 2 races including a 1st place finish in the Kissena Race Series in 2007. In 2008 the Brooklyn Arches Cycling Club was formed and the results were immediate and consistent including winning the Cadence Cup Race Series in Brooklyn. He currently races with the Major Taylor Iron Riders Development Team

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